We spend a lifetime
trying to learn more about ourselves.
But experience alone doesn’t always give you solutions to your unique needs.
your genes can.
My Genes Tell Me What?

You’re born with a unique set of genes. That’s why your genes are the best story tellers of your body. From how your body reacts to food and exercise to how it responds to aging, the answers lie within your DNA.

"Unlock your genes' potentials to see even more results"

meLEAN™ decodes secret information in your DNA to create the perfect macronutrient ratio and the personalized exercise routine for you to maximize your results. meLEAN™ helps you understand the impacts your genes may have on your performance.

"Take care of yourself with gene based solutions to your unique needs"

By analyzing 64 genetic markers in your DNA, meREVIVE™ helps you understand 'why you feel' the way you do and 'why your body reacts’ the way it does. You'll gain insights into how your genes may affect your body functions and many more.

Just 3 easy steps

Order your kit

Select meLEAN™ or meREVIVE™

Collect your saliva

Collect your saliva and ship it back

Receive you reports

Discover what your genes tell you

What will you get?

Health reports

Personalized health reports from 42 key aspects we analyze (meLEAN™ +meREVIVE™)

Actionable plans

Actionable nutrition & exercise recommendations and gene based self care strategies

meGenome™ App

meGenome™ application that allows you to access your data from anywhere at anytime

Free consultation

Free consultation with your health coach to empower you to take charge of your health

meLEAN™ Sample Report

Report Summary 

meLEAN™ Sample Report

 Food Summary

meLEAN™ Sample Report

 Protein Utilization

meREVIVE™ Sample Report

Report Summary 

meREVIVE™ Sample Report

Report Summary 

meREVIVE™ Sample Report


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